Happy Halloween. Now Face your Financial Fears!

October 31st is they day we pay tribute to witches, vampires, zombies and all manner of terrifying things that go bump in the night.

Too bad the real scary things go bump in your mailbox. Big bills, past-due notices, collection letters and credit card statements that make you wish you were simply warding off a gang of ghouls with a crossbow. But there’s no holy water for debt.

As we’ve said before, you need to have a budget in order to have any shot at getting out from under your debt. A good budget makes you take a hard look at your finances and see where your money is going. It also forces you to make hard decisions on where you need to cut back.

But since this can be more frightening than a werewolf in the woods, you may want to enlist some help. When the townspeople couldn’t get rid of the vampires on their own, they called in Van Helsing.

If you can’t tackle budgeting on your own, call in the cavalry. The Internet is a great place to get free access to tools that help you manage your money.

Here are a few online tools that make budgeting easy:

Want more Halloween financial fun?  Look at this video from fun video from AOL’s DailyFinance.

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