Three Cheers for Occupy Wall Street

Buy now, everyone who owns a smartphone, computer, newspaper subscription, TV or shortwave radio should be familiar with the Occupy Wall Street movement. 

Despite the fact that the protestors’ message isn’t entirely clear and many could use a good shower, the fact that so many diverse groups and individuals are coming together across the globe to demand fairness in the financial system isn’t lost on us.

There are structural challenges that keep people in debt, not the least of which is concentration of wealth at the top of our economic pyramid through a winner-takes-all approach to income distribution and the OWS movement is a clear grassroots attempt to reverse that slide. The American dream was alive and well when the CEO shopped in the same mall as the worker, which isn’t the case when the worker is in India.

In recognition of the protests we’ve just added a banner to our site to show our support.

You can show your support by joining many of the demonstrations in your city or state and learning more about the cause at

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