SavvyMoney Wants You to Be Debt Free

There’s no shortage of websites devoted to helping you manage your finances and get out of debt. The good news is that we catalog them as fast as we hear about them, and you can judge which (if any) have a sales pitch that you find appealing.

The newest entrant is SavvyMoney.

SavvyMoney keeps track of your accounts and related data, create customized payoff plans, measure your progress against your goals and get advice on how to accelerate your payoff and become debt-free.

You can get onto SavvyMoney for free, but they also have a paid program called SavvyMoney Pro. Here’s a video describing their service.

Welcome to SavvyMoney Pro from SavvyMoney on Vimeo.

You can also pick up a cool c-note redeemable at if you share SavvyMoney on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter or by e-mail. This isn’t a contest, but a bounty to the most-referringest SavvyMoney user. Smart move, this is s a small price to pay to get the word out about their service.

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