Renting Your Stuff Out for Extra Cash

If you are saddled with a lot of debt it’s likely that you got there by spending lots of money on lots of stuff you didn’t really need. To get out of debt, consider putting some of that stuff to work for you.

For years now, people have been turning to strangers to rent and borrow just about anything for a few bucks.

Renting out rooms in your house or your car can bring in the bucks you need to pay off bills, but so can renting out your guitar, drill or slow cooker.

Of course the Internet makes this easier than ever, allowing renters and owners to find each other faster. People are using general classifieds sites like Craigslist as well as a host of new dedicated personal rental sites like Zilok,

Naturally, safety and security is a huge issue when dealing with strangers online, but it’s a tantalizing thought to turn unused items into a new revenue stream to help get those credit cards closed out once and for all.

Interested? Watch this video from CNN showing one man’s two-week experiment in the world of personal renting.

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