Private Unemployment Insurance From IncomeAssure

If you hadn’t noticed, one third of the United States government is now firmly in the hands of the Republican party.

These are the folks who cheer about letting their uninsured neighbors die, so of course they care even less about people collecting unemployment insurance.If the next election cycle goes their way, Americans can kiss goodbye to cushy unemployment benefits since the party has made scaling back this lifeline a pillar of their platform.

So besides maintaining a sizable emergency fund, how do you prepare for a possible job loss?
A new option has emerged in the form of private unemployment insurance.IncomeAssure is a new form of supplemental unemployment insurance, which can replace a portion of your income if you happen (like millions of other Americans) to become suddenly and involuntarily unemployed.

The program is currently available in 34 states and the District of Columbia.
The plan is simple enough. By using a combination of your existing state coverage and payments from IncomeAssure, you can count on receiving about 50% of your former earnings, which is considerably more than you can count on from traditional unemployment insurance alone.
The maximum salary covered under this program is $250,000.
What Does it Cost? 
Premiums range between approximately .5 and 2.0% of gross annual salary (the trailing 12 months wages and bonus), depending on state, industry, and salary level.
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