Can You Hear Me Now? Debt Collectors May Soon Call Your Cellphone

If you are delinquent on your student loans and constantly ducking debt collectors as they try to reach you at home, you may soon have an even tougher time getting them off your back.

A provision in the President’s proposed deficit reduction plan would allow debt collectors to reach deadbeat borrowers on their mobile phones. Under current law, people who are behind on government loans federally guaranteed loans can only be contacted at home.

This would most affect student loans, which are already an aggressive target of debt collection activity. Student loan defaults are up significantly due to the recession, which caused many more individuals to return to school for retraining, yet made it less likely that they would find a job post-graduation.

If you have a defaulted student loan, be aware that you should not accept harassment as part of the repayment process.

You can learn more about your options to get help from the Department of Education website at

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