PocketSmith Personal Finance Software

There’s such a plethora of web-based personal finance software that we can almost devote our entire blog to them. (And sometimes it seems that we are.)

But, because each one has a slightly different spin on managing your money and personal preferences and proclivities are a big part of staying on top of your finances, we’ll keep bringing new and interesting ones to your attention.

The latest entry into the fray is PocketSmith, another online tool that allows you to track your financial transactions and balances aggregated from your many accounts.

One of the ways that the site looks to differentiate itself from its many competitors is by allowing you to forecast your financial future down the road. Using what is actually a very innovate calendar and goal system, you can see what you financial well-being will look like down the road.

These scenarios are based on your real-life spending and saving patterns.

Not to reinvent the wheel, check out Lifehacker’s excellent review of the site and explanation of its key features.

Pricing is done in three tiers. You can get a free account, with a limited window into the past and future or a Premium account for $9.95 a month that allows you a ten year future view and five year historical view. If you’re really committed you can get a Super account with a 30 year future view and 10 year look into the past.

If it turns out that PocketSmith is not your particular brand of vodka or you are more comfortable with desktop software or another web service, it’s still worth your while to check out Good Cents, the PocketSmith personal finance blog.

As a standalone website it’s better than most money management news and information sites.

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