Now What? (Getting Out of Debt)

Getting out of debt is not an easy task. First you have to recognize that you are in debt – and then you’ll need to do something about it. Many of us never get past the recognition part. We just live day in and day out – paycheck to paycheck, buying and charging without a care in the world. Hoping that one day, it will all go away.

I lived that way for quite awhile. I figured that if I just landed a good paying job or obtained a large paying client I’d be able to take care of my debt in one fell swoop. It never happened.

Instead, I got out of debt the hard way. When I finally came to – I landed a job and also started working side jobs to supplement my income. It was not easy and there were times when it would have been great just to throw in the towel and declare bankruptcy.

But there was something in me – call it pride, stubbornness, what have you – that would not quit. Once I set my mind to it – IĀ endeavouredĀ to rid myself of the burden. To me, it was a challenge.

Accept the challenge

When you finally recognize your debt woes – you can then do something about it. Face it head on, set goals and don’t give up. It may take you a year. It could take you 3. And, it might even take you 5 years (that’s the time it took me). Whatever your situation – write down a goal when you will be debt-free. Put it on your calendar and don’t give up.

I’m a pretty competitive person by nature. I like challenges. Some of you aren’t cut out that way. That’s okay. You’ll need to some type of motivational key to keep you on track.

One key that I also employed on my journey was a debt buddy. That’s right.. I found a friend who was also in the same predicament I was in and we both encouraged and challenged one another to get out of debt. Every couple of weeks we would meet together, one-on-one, and share how our journey was going. Perhaps we had a spending struggle or another challenge during our time apart. We would swap stories and make sure we had each others back.

I know that my friend was instrumental in helping me become debt-free, and it could be just the thing to help you get enough motivation to see your debt out the door.

You can do this!

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