Get a Pet, Go Into Debt

Having a pet is expensive. If you want to understand just how much money we spend on Fido and Fifi, just look at the infographic below. A staggering $50.8 billion went to the care and feeding of our furry and feathered friends, more than children’s dental care.

In a time of 9% unemployment and trillion dollar student loan debts, this is outrageous.

And before anyone’s image is burned in effigy outside of a PetSmart, remember the difference between needs and wants. Pets are a luxury, and if you want them and can afford them, enjoy their company.

But, if you owe an arm and a leg to Capital One, then the answer to “what’s in your wallet” shouldn’t be a vet’s business card.

Thanks, Frugal Dad.

Pets Infographic

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