No matter how frugal you want to be, there’s always going to be the need to shop for goods and services that you need. The trick is getting value for your money and in the Internet age it’s easier than ever to comparison shop with the help of online advice.

That’s where one of our new favorite websites, Cheapism comes into play with tools that everyone looking to get out of debt can use.

Cheapism scours the web for products that are essential to everyday folks and looks to find the best deals on the ones that will do the job without a thousand needless bells and whistles. They don’t take money from manufacturers to influence their reviews, making them one of the more honest sites on the web.

The site is divided into categories like Home and Garden, Electronics and Health and Beauty among many others. Recent featured categories included cell phones and (with winter fast approaching) space heaters.

The site is a penny-pincher’s dream with coupons, links to other online cheapskate resources and much, much more.

Cheapism is no stranger to social media, either. Their blog is great and you can also follow Cheapism on Twitter and Facebook.

Check this site out at and let us know what you think.

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