The Rising Cost of Electricity

With many of the other goods and services in the world, electricity costs are also rising. There really are a number of factors that have been contributing to the rise in energy costs, which will be detailed below.

The first would simply just be tied to the world economy in its current state. As the economic times are tough, generally there is a rise in the costs of goods and services that are provided over a large scale to people, unfortunately electricity is no different.

Another reason is due to infrastructure. Electricity requires large power plants as well as coal mines to be in operation. As it is quite expensive to build these plants and mines, many of the power plants that are currently working in operation are old.

This means that they are not up to date with some of the more energy efficient technologies that have been exploding over the last decade or so. Thus, many of these plants, because they are not efficient are causing a waste of energy, contributing to rising electric prices.

Additionally, more and more people are also using electricity. As developing nations become more technologically advanced, they will require additional resources than have been used in the past. Parts of Africa, Asia and South America are all growing with their usage of electricity, requiring that more electricity be available.

The environment is also playing a part in the increase in energy prices. As global warming continues, many people are now using more and more electricity powering things like fans, and air conditioners. While it might not seem like much, consider that this year has broken another record for the hottest months in the history of the planet, and half of the American Mid-West is the midst of an enormous drought. All these factors contribute to energy prices that are going to continue to rise.

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