Hiring Who You Need

For every position that you have open, you may have hundreds of applications to sift through. Of that 100 or so, you may not even find one who suits your needs perfectly. The result can be both overwhelming and extremely aggravating. You want to make sure that you’re getting the correct person for your position. Finding that perfect fit is not easy in the best conditions. With a sea of people to scan over, it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Job Fairs

Attending college and local job fairs is a great way to scan new talent pools. Colleges tend to draw younger applicants who have yet to have real jobs where they have developed poor habits. The other side to that, however, is that they haven’t developed any good habits either. By hiring a young or untried person for a position you are taking on the responsibility of training them and running the risk that they will leave if you stop being competitive in your wages. It’s a good face to face experience as well. Many job fairs serve as an informal first interview. You can look over resumes, but the people who will make the best impressions are the ones who will stand out the most.


One of the most effective tools that large businesses use for staffing is job recruiting firms. These firms take your requirements, then look over their own pool of applicants. From that pool, they match you with people to interview who passed the requirement specifications you provided. Typically this nets the most immediate results because the firm should have vetted and weeded out the applicant pool that you are drawing from. Staffing firms, though, charge a fee – sometimes a sizeable fee. It’s up to you to figure out if the positions that you need to fill would make the investment worth your while.

Temp Agencies

If you’re in a real pinch and need someone in a position as soon as possible, it is always an option to visit a local temporary worker agency and have someone come on as a trial. If the person proves to be an excellent fit, then you can hire them. If they do not work out, then once their contract is over, the agency can send another person or perhaps you will have hired one already. These angies also cost money. You pay a monthly fee to the temporary agency, and in return, they provide you with an employee. Some agencies will pay the employee themselves, others will ask you to do so.

Regardless of your final choice in recruiting, in the end, you are the one who will have to live with your selection. You will be working with this candidate indefinitely. Do not feel like you need to settle or continue to use a certain outlet if they have not delivered in the past. Good people are investments, however, and sometimes the cost is more than worth the end payout.

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