Get Out of Debt By Being a Jerk

It’s not quite that simple, but new research from University of California, Berkeley shows that wealthy folks aren’t as ethical as the rest of us.

Using a variety of tests (e.g. measuring how often drivers of luxury cars cut off people compared to other drivers) they found a clear correlation between wealth and rude, immoral, obnoxious and downright snarky behavior.

So can you use your inner a-hole to get out of debt? I think you can.

Follow me here. The two main factors in getting out of debt are one, to make more money than you currently do and two, spend less than you have been. Being more of an douchebag can actually help you on both fronts.

Without resorting to anything illegal, you can make more money in lots of ways you may be too nice to be taking advantage of. Demanding a raise, switching jobs frequently for relatively small increases in pay, moonlighting without your boss knowing about it or selling out your coworkers to advance in your company are all pretty sleazy and can backfire, but will put that little extra in your pocket to help pay off bills.

Want to save money? Be that loudmouth who berates and belittles bank employees, store clerks and anyone else who can get you a deal until people basically pay you to go away. Negotiating discounts can be a win-win with merchants, or you can treat it as a zero-sum game where you win and they never want to see you again.

It’s all about attitude, and most people don’t ever want to be “that guy.” But if you hate your debt more than you like being a decent human being, you can go into every transaction and live your life looking to get over on the next guy.

But there is no better proof than looking at the example of the purveyors of payday loans. These guys are unethical in every facet of their lives, and made a ton of money doing it.

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