Category: budgeting

Don’t forget to save

No matter how badly you want to get out of debt, not every extra penny you make should go towards paying off debt. Regardless of how much in hock you are to your credit card companies and student lenders, you need to have some of your income dedicated to savings in some form. Believe it or …

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Stay Away from Layaway

With the looming prospect of an even worsening economy, retailers are looking to take advantage of any opportunity to get shoppers to part with their money early and often. To that end, they’ve dusted off a blast from the past, the layaway plan. Simply put, a layaway program allows shoppers to pay for a purchase …

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You Need a Budget

You can’t get out of debt without a budget, plain and simple. You need to account for every penny you earn and every penny you spend. At the end of the day, you need to spend less than you earn and apply the difference to your savings and debt reduction. Creating a budget is easy, …

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