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Why Your Debt Issues Are More Mental Than You Realize

Years ago, Psychologist Ulric Neisser filmed a video of two teams of students passing a basketball back and forth, and superimposed another video of a girl with an umbrella walking right through the center of the screen. When he asked subjects in his study to count the number of times the ball was passed, an …

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Total Debt to Surpass Amount Before Great Recession

I came across this troubling new report by NerdWallet on the trend for American debt to soon surpass totals owed prior to the Great Recession. What’s most disturbing is that credit card debt is continuing to climb and is almost at the peak reached (per person) in 2008. Here’s a look at total US debt …

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Paying Off Debt is the Best Investment

Today the Dow Jones Average dropped more than 500 points and stock markets have now wiped out all of their gains for the year. That leaves most investors (if they’re lucky) right back at where they started for the year, and fretting about more potential losses to follow. Those families fortunate enough to have investments are now struggling …

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