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Best Jobs of 2014

One sure way to help yourself get out of debt and free yourself from debtbrokedness is to make more money. There’s only so much bill cutting and saving money that you can do and then you just have to make more money. Having a side job is one thing that I strongly recommend. There are …

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Make This One Resolution

Happy New Year 2012! In the off chance that the world doesn’t end this year, you’ll want to use this clean slate moment to help reach your goal of being debt-free. But just like that other stock resolution, losing weight, shedding debt is easier said than done and your resolve can start to wane well …

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How to Ask For a Raise

If you are like most working stiffs, the way you make money is to trade your time and effort to your employer for a paycheck. And if you can’t keep up with your bills then you need to make more money. Unfortunately, since you can’t get more time than anyone else the next best thing …

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