You can do a lot of bad things online. Like stalk your old high school girlfriend, buy illegal drugs, and now, take out a payday loan.

One of these options is FlashPayday.com, a lending network that let’s you take out low dollar, high interest loans from its participating lenders.

If you must, you submit an application online at FlashPayday and they forward your application to some companies that may make a loan to you. If a lender bites, you’ll be referred to the lender’s website. You’ll then have the benefit of paying their fee, which typically range from $12 to $30 per $100 borrowed.

Of course this is a shitty deal, like just about every type of payday loan. Even FlashPayday.com admits that the effective Annual Percentage Rate for their brokered loans can reach an astounding 782.14%.

That’s as close to debt slavery as you can get, jumping from the frying pan directly into the blast furnace.

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